Exhibitor Tips for a Successful Trade Show Season – Part 1

Solid advice to ensure a great event & tradeshow ROI.

Even after several years of lackluster event attendance and event cancellations due to COVID, B2B marketers continue to rate in-person events as one of their most effective marketing tactics, and for good reasons. Trade shows are one of the largest business development channels for organizations, bringing together businesses in the same industry to draw hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees every year. They are a great place to showcase new products and attract potential buyers and a great way to network with your existing clients in-person. They are also one of the biggest costs in marketing budgets, and with such huge investment comes the need for a trade show marketing strategy. Below are a few tips that might seem pretty straightforward, but you would be surprised at how often they are overlooked.

Before the Show:

Advertise & Market Your Presence!
It is important to build up hype about your trade show appearance in the weeks leading up to the event.
One way to advertise your upcoming appearance is with an email marketing campaign to inform leads and prospects about the information you’ll be covering at the show, any promotions you’re offering, product launches, and of course your booth number.


Reach Out Early
Connect with clients & customers before the show by sending out an email or letter inviting your customers – or leads from email marketing campaigns – to stop by your booth and offer your
PROMO CODE to allow prospects to attend for free. Get ahead of the competition and schedule appointments with predetermined time slots before the event starts. This guarantees you will have visitors at your booth and generates leads before the event even begins.


Publish Engaging Content!
Integrating content marketing into your trade show promotion strategy helps you reach your target audiences and potential attendees before the event. Include what your company will be showcasing in your booth into social posts, blog posts, webinars, and slideshow presentations to raise awareness and build excitement. Not only will this content encourage attendees to visit your booth – it will also increase website traffic and help generate leads and sales even from people who won’t be visiting the tradeshow.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 where we cover Success AT the Trade Show.
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