Virtual Trade Show Tips: Successful Strategies for Virtual Exhibitors

The last few years have been difficult for organizations that rely on in-person events as conferences and trade events have been forced to either cancel or take the digital alternative: Virtual Trade Shows.

Many brands have made the move to online exhibitions, but how successful are these online events and how does a brand adapt to succeed in this new digital experience?


Below are a few tips to help you WIN in the “new normal” of virtual trade show marketing:

Starting Branding & Marketing EARLY. Don’t wait until the day of your event to assume attendees will know who you are and what you have to offer – Pique their interest in advance and give them a reason to seek you out. Post your up-coming appearance on social, in emails, on your website.

Pre-Book Client Meetings. Ensure your success before the day of your event by identifying your target leads and scheduling meetings or visits with them. Email invitations & reminders that include clear instructions on where and when attendees can access your booth.

Crowd grabbing headlines and messages. Standout from the competition by creating simple, yet impactful messaging.

Utilize Multimedia opportunities: Take advantage of any and all tools trade show producers provide in terms of video, photos, to enhance the virtual booth experience for attendees. Live chat options for providing ideal networking and Q&A opportunities to capture and engage leads.

Measure your success: Online trade shows should provide you with detailed reports at the end of your event, allowing you to measure your ROI. Reviewing your booth performance and virtual experience can help to determine what your future digital marketing budget should include.
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