What’s Your 2023 Marketing Plan?

Lessons learned in the past for future Success 

After the unpredictable events of the last few years, preparing for 2023 feels a little different — perhaps more difficult than previous years, or even a bit scary. But the best course of action is to be PROACTIVE and to start planning next year’s marketing strategy and budget now! Or, if you’ve started your 2023 plan, but still feels incomplete due to the uncertainty of how our past several years have been, here are a few tips to help guide you:

GOALS: What are your specific marketing goals for 2023? They may be the same as those from 2022, but have you begun to pivot your strategies from in-person channels to digital in the last year? Did you have a new product or service to rlease? Do you have an event you had to cancel or postpone? Define what your most important goals are for your organization as this will be the focus of your marketing plan and how to prepare for an alternate strategy to achieve them.

AUDIENCE: Do you know who you’re trying to market to? Has this group changed in regard to your 2023 goals? Define who your ideal client or customer is so you can tailor your content and identify the best channels to reach them.

CONTENT: Decide what content or message will connect with your target audience while helping to achieve your current 2023 marketing goals. Helpful information on products,  educational white papers to case studies, and client testimonials. Creating resourceful content will keep your viewers informed and coming back.

CHANNELS: How you plan to Distribute your Content and will it reach your preferred audience? Is it social media? Email Marketing? In-Person Trade Events? Industry Trade publications? Digital Advertising? Using the right channels or tools to get your message out is vital to achieving your marketing goals.

BUDGET: What will your marketing efforts cost? What will you invest in to achieve your 2023 goals? If possible, take some time to understand what may have worked for you this year or in the past, what tactics you used to achieve that, and how you can improve for 2020. This will help to determine what budget adjustments you may need to make for next year.

Download this FREE 2023 marketing planner to get organized early and if you are looking for additional marketing resources and industry-specific channels to reach a professional wine audience, Wine Industry Network can assist with awareness, distribution tools, audience targeting, and MORE.

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